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How to Take your Picnic Game to the Next Level

How to Take your Picnic Game to the Next Level

Rain or shine, summer is here and we’ve got a simple and delicious way to take your picnic game to the next level with our summer picnic loaf recipe.

A multi seed sourdough loaf
1 garlic clove, halved
2 tbsp pesto
2 courgettes, sliced lengthways
2 red and 2 yellow peppers, seeded and sliced in thick lengths
2 tbsp of olive oil
200g Cornish cheese
200g sliced charcuterie meats or ham
A good handful salad leaves
2 tbsp fresh basil leaves
Salt and pepper


Carefully cut the top off the sourdough loaf and hollow out the middle to leave a shell. Be careful here to keep the wall part thick enough to stay crispy.

TOP TIP:  Use this bread to make breadcrumbs or bread sauce.


Toss the courgettes and peppers in the olive oil and put on a pre-heated griddle. Cook for about 4–5 mins on each side until soft and lightly charred. Put to one side to cool.

Rub the cut garlic clove over the insides of the bread shell, then use a spoon to spread the pesto all around the inside walls and under the lid.



Blot the grilled veg with kitchen roll, then and slice the cheese.  Season both well with salt and pepper, then start building up layers of veg, cheese, meat and salad leaves. Finish with a layer of basil leaves. The hollow in the bread must be filled well.

Put the lid of the bread back on, then wrap the whole thing tightly in cling film.  Put a plate on top and weigh down with something heavy to let the flavours fuse together for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight, in a cool-box.

Cut into thick, cake-style slices to eat now, or pack in your lunch-box and take on your adventures.