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Cornish Sea Salt & Black Pepper Tiger Loaf

Cornish Sea Salt & Black Pepper Tiger Loaf

As part of our new artisan bread range, we have introduced the Cornish sea salt and black pepper tiger loaf to our stores. A good tiger loaf is crunchy on the top, and has a characteristic mottled tiger skin look, with a distinct taste. We have added a modern and Cornish twist by adding crunchy flakes of sea salt drawn from the surrounding Atlantic. Also we have cracked some delicious black pepper into the topping.Artisan Bread Range from Warrens Bakery, Cornish Sea Salt & Black Pepper Tiger Loaf

How we make it
The topping for a soft, white bloomer is added in the form of a paste. We have always used a special recipe here at Warrens Bakery, and we have added the sea salt and pepper to the paste. Predominantly made from rice flour, there is a secret oil, which adds the characteristic nuttiness and depth of flavour. Our bakers add this for the golden crisp and the delicious flavour it brings to the loaf. A palette knife is then used to spread the paste all over the top of the loaf, before it gets baked to perfection and there is a crisp, tiger skin crunch to the loaf.

How to make it taste even better!
Since it has such a delicious and distinctive taste, the tiger loaf makes an excellent sandwich. From griddled bacon with fresh tomatoes to salty pastrami and gherkins, whatever you choose, the sea salt and pepper will add delicious flavour to your sandwich.