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Try Our New Deli Flavours

Try Our New Deli Flavours

We’re not just about Cornish Pasties you know, we also have a whole range of sandwiches and deli bars in some of our stores so you can pick and choose exactly what you want for your lunch. As well as a choice of artisan breads, bagels, salads and even jacket potatoes, we’ve just expanded our fillings range to bring you some decadent new flavours:

Lamb & Mint
A roast dinner favourite, that tastes even better in a sandwich. We love this one between some slices of malt crunch with a sprinkling of spring onions for added crunch.

Lemon Pepper Chicken
Marinaded in a citrus splash of lemon and finished with cracked black pepper, this combo is the perfect baked potato topping or salad topper.

Tempted? Find your nearest deli bar here.