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Our Top 5 Ways to Use Your Meringues

Our Top 5 Ways to Use Your Meringues

We love our meringues so much we have come up with five creative ways to enjoy them.

  1. Eton has never been so messy
    Create your very own autumnal Eton Mess using our Sour Cherry and Chocolate meringue, blackberries, poached pears, berry jam and, of course, lashings of cream. Heavenly.
  2. Kiss Me Quick Pavlovas
    Take one of our Zesty Orange and Chocolate Meringues, dollop a good spoon of thick cream topped with rhubarb stewed in orange juice for a rich seasonal treat.
  3. Rocky Road
    There’s nothing better than a good piece of chocolate refrigerator cake – mix yours up by including one of our broken or crushed Crunchy Caramel Meringues.
  4. Knickerbocker Glory
    Create your very own adults only Knickerbocker Glory using our Gooey Chocolate Meringue. Blend a handful of strawberries with a glass of white wine and a couple of spoons of brown sugar. Crush the meringue and stir into vanilla ice cream along with another handful of sliced strawberries, then alternate spooning the ice cream mixture and fruit puree into two tall serving glasses. Top with double cream and almonds – delicious dinner party dessert!
  5. Hot Chocolate
    Now its cooler, top your hot chocolate with whipped cream and a sprinkle of your favourite flavour!

Let us know how you have used your meringues! To find your local Warrens Bakery click here.