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Celebrating Cornish Pasty Week

Celebrating Cornish Pasty Week

The iconic Cornish Pasty has long been a favourite, often enjoyed on holidays by the coast, and this March the signature bake will step into the spotlight – with the arrival of the first ever Cornish Pasty Week.

A week-long celebration, Cornish Pasty Week commences on Sunday 25th February, through to the World Cornish Pasty Championships on Saturday 3rd March, hosted at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Recognised as the World’s oldest Cornish Pasty maker, there is no better way to mark the occasion than with an authentic taste of the South West from Warrens Bakery.

Head Baker Jason Jobling, who has been part of our team for 26 years, is also Chair of the Cornish Pasty Association (CPA, the membership organisation behind Cornish Pasty Week). Jason will be joining the CPA team to create a week’s worth of fun events and share information about this much-loved food, with a week to “celebrate, enjoy and indulge in its deliciously unique reputation and heritage”.

Did you know…?

  • An 18th century takeaway…The humble Cornish pasty originated towards the end of the 18th century and was established as the staple diet of working men across Cornwall. A quick fix for lunch that was enjoyed by miners and farmworkers as it was easily transported and filling.
  • The pasty was originally vegetarian…In its early stages the pasty would have been eaten by poor families, and it would be filled with the vegetables which were abundant here in the county. Meat would have been added later on in the eighteenth century.
  • The Cornish Pasty Crust…Famously the crust, or crimped edge of the pasty, was used as a handle to hold the pasty with. Due to the arsenic levels present in many of the tin mines, this part was then discarded, although these days many people revere this as the best bit!
  • Left or right….There are two main types of crimp, which are dependent on whether or not the person who hand crimped your pasty is left or right handed. Three of Warrens Bakery’s 20 qualified pasty ‘crimpers’ are left handed, which means they produce a ‘cock’ pasty, as opposed to the more traditional ‘hen’.

Guardians of the Cornish Pasty since 1860 and tipped as one of the top three British craft bakeries in the UK, Warrens Bakery continue to hand-crimp all of their pasties in St Just, near Land’s End, hand crimping 3 pasties every minute. The recipes and hand-craft skills have been passed down generation after generation.

On top of this, we are also trying to find out what makes your #PastySmile, encouraging children all over the land to submit their own Pasty Creations with the chance to have their own very special flavour developed and added to our range in 2018! To enter, all you need to do is draw your own pasty creation and Tweet them to us @WarrensBakery and use the hashtag #PastySmile. To find out more about our #PastySmile competition, click here.

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